Electrafish Limited - the electrofishing equipment company offering first class customer service at economy prices


During the current pandemic, ELECTRAFISH Ltd will still be operating a repair/ servicing and testing service from our Wolverhampton workshops. The conditions for this will involve no contact with people as equipment will be left in a safe place on our premises at a pre arranged date and time. Following repair/ testing/ servicing the equipment will be cleaned and left for collection again on our premises at a pre arranged date and time.

 March 2020: Reconditioned Generator Fishing Machines: 1, 2, 3 and 4 Anode models, Lake Sets and Back Packs available until further notice at negotiable REDUCED PRICES.

 September 2019: Introducing a BRAND NEW range of easy to operate anodes using single switches and a NEW range of associated Control Boxes - click here for details

 Design, consultancy and manufacture of a wide range of electrofishing machines and equipment to new designs.
 All new models of portable and generator powered electrofishing machines carry a 3 year warranty and have been designed especially for reliability, durability and performance. Many machines manufactured by ATW are still in operation after 15 years in service.
 The new electrofishing equipment includes a wide range of portable and generator powered models, as well as a wide range of electrodes and electric fishing generators in compliance with the latest national and international specifications.
 On site testing to Environment Agency Standards can be carried out on site or at our workshops and the testing price includes, for example, any basic repairs to the original electrofishing machines and anodes, as well as labelling all parts and issuing test certificates.
 All spares are kept in stock at our workshop and we are pleased to visit any part of the UK for testing/servicing on a 24/7 basis to suit the customer's requirements.
 Electrafish has a policy of excellent customer service, since we are totally aware that when a customer spends a considerable amount of money on an electrofishing machine, not only is the customer paying due regard to the quality, reputation and reliability of the equipment, but also to the level and speed of service, warranty and support.
 One example of our new product line is a new backpack type FC400BPS40 electrofishing machine, supplied complete and with a 400 watt rating and 40/60 PPS pulsed DC and smooth DC outputs at 4,200 plus VAT. This price is inclusive of delivery charges within the UK and a 3 year warranty.
 Electrafish customers will always be regularly updated by E-mail regarding the progress of their orders and information about lead times.
 Reconditioned machines, control boxes and anodes are sometimes available at reduced prices - please enquire.

 ELECTRAFISH products are simple- they do not use computers or microprocessors-
they just catch fish and last for over 20 years!