The FC6500GPS40 machine is protected by easily accessible high speed semiconductor fuses and all low voltage control systems are protected by a 20 mm fuse.

The controls are a STOP button to isolate both poles of the incoming generator supply. A START button is provided to prepare the machine for fishing after the anode and cathode have been deployed under the water. The voltage output range should then be selected on the transformer and for this it is preferable to start with a lower setting in order to check the volts/amps relation which will depend on the water conductivity. A voltmeter scaled 0 to 400 volts reading the output DC voltage from the unit and an ammeter scaled 0 to 25 amps AC reading the generator input current are fitted. A Pulsed DC power control potentiometer is fitted to vary the output power in Pulsed mode and a second Smooth DC power control is fitted in order to set the desired Smooth DC output level. The output levels can be set anywhere between 10% and 100% of the output voltage range selected using the power control knob. When selecting a new range of output it is always best to return the output controls to minimum before increasing the output as appropriate to the desired levels. "POWER ON" and "FISHING ON" LED indicator lamps are fitted to indicate the controller state.

The six voltage ranges enable the user to select the appropriate range for the waters being fished. Lower voltage ranges will be necessary for high conductivity waters whereas the higher voltage ranges may be required for lower conductivity waters. This unit has been designed from more than 30 years’ experience of fishing machine design, manufacture, servicing and maintenance and some new components have been used to ensure very high reliability and quality in operation. All units are tested on full load at all possible settings and given extensive vibration testing before passing final quality control checks. The output can be either Pulsed DC or Smooth DC and the output can be instantly changed from one to the other using the 2 labelled switches on the anode pole. The settings for Pulsed and Smooth outputs can be individually set on the control box. Smooth DC attracts fish to the anode head very well and Pulsed DC stuns them so they can easily be picked out from the water without harm. The settings for Pulsed DC will need to be much lower than for Smooth DC since the fish will be very close to the anode ring. Machines with alternative output voltage ranges can be supplied suitable for lower or higher conductivities.

The transformer is mounted in a strong, easily portable waterproof plastic case with carrying handles and has one lead with 7 pin waterproof red plug to fit the red socket mounted on the control box, see below.

The choke is mounted in a plastic enclosure complete with cable and 4 pin plug to connect to 4 pin red socket on control.

A Honda generator is supplied rated at 6500 Watts. The generator is modified in accordance with safety and international regulations for electric fishing operations.

There are 4 sockets mounted on the box viz: A blue waterproof 3 pin and a white waterproof 3 pin socket. The blue and white sockets are for connection to the anode. A yellow waterproof 3 pin socket is for the cathode. A red 7 pin socket is for the single cable connection to the transformer.

The anode is supplied and is 2 metres long and fitted with a 400 mm stainless steel ring with M8 bolt and spanner supplied. Other sized anodes can be supplied if required with the length of pole specified, the length of cable and the position of the safety switch on the anode pole as well as the stainless steel anode conductor ring size. A bolt and spanner are supplied for ease of fitting the anode head.

A suitable cathode is supplied and has 16 metres of cable with 8 metres of heavy duty tinned copper braiding.

A 3 year warranty is given with each machine and this is valid except in cases of misuse or accidental damage. The warranty is a 'return to base' warranty. This means that the customer must return the suspect unit back to our works whereupon the item will be assessed, the repair will be carried out quickly and the unit returned to the customer at our expense. This is subject to the warranty being approved for free repair under our terms and conditions. Repairs will always take precedence over production and we are very pleased to operate this policy, since it supports our constant attention and devotion to improving the design, reliability and serviceability of our products, as well as assuring all customers of our unwavering attention to service and detail.

A full set of instructions is provided with every machine giving details of training contacts for those users new to electric fishing. Also a full set of spare fuses is provided.

Two air operated foot switches may be fitted to enable the unit to be operated as a boom boat machine. In this case the foot switches will turn the Pulsed or Smooth output power on and off in place of the anode pole switches. Long cable anodes may be supplied at any length up to 100 metres although in practice 50 metres is the longest and most practical length used by most operators. Also 3 metre long anodes can be supplied if required and different size anode rings can be supplied any diameter from 200 to 800 mm. Continental plugs and sockets can be fitted as required for the generator/control box connections. Machines with alternative output voltage ranges can be supplied suitable for lower or higher conductivities.


Voltage: 230 Volts 50 Hertz
Generator Wattage: 6500

This machine has 6 voltage output ranges selected by means of a switch on the transformer:
Output 1: 0 to 160 volts DC
Output 2: 0 to 200 volts DC
Output 3: 0 to 260 volts DC
Output 4: 0 to 300 volts DC
Output 5: 0 to 360 volts DC
Output 6: 0 to 400 volts DC

Weight: 18 Kg
Height: 660mm
Width: 435mm
Depth: 280mm

Weight: 40 Kg
Height: 400mm
Width: 400mm
Depth: 300mm

Weight: 10 Kg
Height: 290mm
Width: 300mm
Depth: 165mm