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 November 2017: 20yr old machine still in use by Environment Agency Fisheries site!
 October 2017: NEW Electric Fishing Surveys Service now available
 July 2017: 37 Year Old Working Machine returns for 1st Service !
 2016: Latest Orders
 Latest Export Orders include USA and the Middle East
 January 2015: The FC6500GP40 machine now has two models in the range. New model is FC3000GP40
 January 2015: The new FC2500GP25-S machine has been upgraded and improved
 September 2014: Refurbished 22yr old Back Packs and benefits of Multi Anode machines
 November 2013: Plug Husbandry for Electric Fishing Electrodes
 September 2013: Repairs carried out on 2 machines, both over 20 years old!
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July 2017: 37 Year Old Working Machine returns for 1st Service!

This machine was sent to Electrafish on Friday 28th July 2017 for a service. It had not been serviced since it was originally made 37 years ago in Stourbridge when the company was known as Electracatch!

This perfectly demonstrates our commitment to design, quality, test and reliability of all our products.