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September 2014: Refurbished 22yr old Back Packs and benefits of Multi Anode machines

In June a quantity of 6, 22 year old back packs manufactured by Alec arrived from Bush Salmon Station and were updated and reconditioned for use again this season. The photo shows the finished machines some of which required new harnesses, 1 new power supply, new quick release fixing screws for the box lids, 1 new float switch and all were fitted with new meter covers.

Where there is no convenient mains supply but readily supplies of fuel available, we can supply back packs powered by a small generator. In this case the small generator and control box are fitted to a back pack frame. Several units of this genre were supplied to Malaysia for work in the jungle.

Electrafish under the previous name of Electracatch International have always made multi anode boxes with up to 10 anodes. This photo shows 3 of the models having 1,2 and 3 anodes. These models can also have a range of output voltages from the standard 0-300 down to 0 to 100 for high conductivity waters and up to 1000 volts for very low conductivity water. Any voltage range can be accommodated within these limits.

 NOVEMBER 2018: NEW RANGE OF BACK PACKS: In line with the policy of continuous development of all fishing machines, ELECTRAFISH are pleased to announce the design and development of a new range of back packs. Two separate models will be available. Hitherto back packs currently often encounter difficulties when working in higher conductivity waters so the first model has been specifically designed to work very well in these waters. As in previous models the controls are easy to operate and set and both models can also be used as bankside fishing machines with long cable anodes and cathodes.

 April 2018: Any old back packs built by Electracatch International Ltd in Wolverhampton will be purchased for recycling at prices to be negotiated depending on whether we collect or they are sent by a carrier. No batteries will be accepted and it does not matter if the back pack is damaged or not operational. If interested, please send a mail to Alec at electrafish@btinternet.com

 February 2018 FOR SALE: Lake fishing set in full working order. Second hand but perfect condition: Model FC6500GP40 set with power level 6Kw and having a fully variable Pulsed DC output of 0-400 volts. Complete with Generator, Transformer, Anode, Cathode, Control Box and full instructions. New price £5200 + VAT. Get this used but perfect condition fishing set for only £2500. Please inquire for further details.

 September 2018: 20+ Years old machine gets a comprehensive service and the cotton bud treatment!
 August 2018: As part of a continuing programme of developments all new boxes from now will be featuring the Electrafish logo with Front Panels changes being changed to optimise electrode-socket spacing.
  1978-2018 Dr Alec Wortley is celebrating 40 years since his first electric fishing machine was designed and built on a kitchen table. Many machines have been working reliably and successfully for more than 20 years!
 November 2017: 20yr old machine still in use by Environment Agency Fisheries site!
 October 2017: NEW Electric Fishing Surveys Service now available
 July 2017: 37 Year Old Working Machine returns for 1st Service !
 2016: Latest Orders
 Latest Export Orders include USA and the Middle East
 January 2015: The FC6500GP40 machine now has two models in the range. New model is FC3000GP40
 January 2015: The new FC2500GP25-S machine has been upgraded and improved
 September 2014: Refurbished 22yr old Back Packs and benefits of Multi Anode machines
 November 2013: Plug Husbandry for Electric Fishing Electrodes
 September 2013: Repairs carried out on 2 machines, both over 20 years old!
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