Electrafish Limited - Prices

  Electrafish make a wide range of different fishing machines, electrodes and electric fishing generators to suit customer requirements. Because of the wide variation in equipment manufactured by Electrafish Ltd, please request a quotation for your specific requirements either by telephone or, preferably by email to sales@electrafish.co.uk when Alec Wortley will be pleased to send you a competitive quotation.

 Discounts may be available on some models. Also, please enquire for availability of any refurbished and reconditioned units at reduced prices.

 February 2018 FOR SALE: Lake fishing set in full working order. Second hand but perfect condition: Model FC6500GP40 set with power level 6Kw and having a fully variable Pulsed DC output of 0-400 volts. Complete with Generator, Transformer, Anode, Cathode, Control Box and full instructions. New price £5200 + VAT. Get this used but perfect condition fishing set for only £2500. Please inquire for further details.