Electrafish Limited offers the following services:

 The manufacture of a completely new range of electrofishing machines to new designs based in the UK mainland. The range covers portable, generator powered and boom boat electrofishing equipment.
 Electrafish will be pleased to quote and carry out the testing, repair, and/or re-boxing of all electrofishing machines types made in Wolverhampton. This includes all types eg. WFC3, WFC4, WFC5, WFC6, WFC7, WFC8, WFC9, and WFC911 back packs. All spares are kept in stock for all of the controllers listed.
 The testing on site and at our workshops of all common makes of electrofishing equipment, anodes and cathodes and generators. All electrofishing machines are fully tested in all aspects of operation, including on load testing. Test Certificates can be issued for periods of 3 months to 1 year depending on usage of the equipment. Site visits can be made anywhere in the UK for testing and any repairs which are carried out on site will be implemented free of charge. This including replacing anode switches which may fail the required insulation testing.
 The supply of anodes and cathodes to customer requirements.
 The modification and supply of generators so they can be used for electrofishing operations.
 All above work can be carried out to meet the latest Environment Agency standards for electrofishing equipment. This standard exceeds the standards laid down by the European laws.

October 2017: NEW Electric Fishing Surveys Service now available

With immediate effect Electrafish Ltd will be very pleased to tender for electric fishing surveys in streams, rivers and lakes. A team of staff led by an ex Environment Agency Fisheries Officer with many years experience in carrying out electric fishing operations is being formed to carry out this work to a professional standard.

For further information on this new service or any other electric fishing equipment please contact by email at sales@electrafish.co.uk