Alec's Page

Electrafish Limited was formed by Dr Alec Wortley.


Alec Wortley was born in Essex. After primary school he attended Bungay Grammar School. At one time due to absence from illness he was bottom of his class. Armed with 2 A levels in Maths and Physics he was accepted by the General Electric Company to undertake a Student Apprenticeship which led to a Diploma in Technology 1st Class coming 3rd in a class of 72 students. Later he was sponsored by the Brush Electrical Engineering Company in Loughborough and he set about investigating 'The instability of variable frequency induction motor drives when supplied from static inverters'. Alec's studied for his PhD at Corpus Christie College, Cambridge.

Alec's first business was started at a bed sit in Narborough near Leicester shared with several students from Leicester University and later a new house was purchased in Carlton Avenue. After this larger premises were bought at Ashfield House, Blaby.

Gradually more products were developed including speed controllers for machine tools made by Jones and Shipman in Leicester and conveyor drives and process machinery. Later at the request of his brother he repaired an electric fishing machine and developed an improved model of which several were sold to Anglian Water and Yorkshire Water. This was the first of a range of machines and was called the WFC5. Another fishing machine to be used with a 3 phase generator was developed for Southern Water and gradually anodes and cathodes were brought in to the production schedule. This was in the 1970s and the first testing of electric fishing machines was carried out at this time in Brighton with the sound of an Amazon Grey parrot owned by the lady Fisheries Officer and brought to work in the office each day!

Eventually word spread about the operation of the electric fishing machine products produced in Leicester and machines were supplied to the far corners of the earth. Later operations moved to Wolverhampton and the Quality control system of BS EN ISO 9001 was established to ensure all production and quality systems met the highest standard. Large orders were received from the Environment Agency in Wales and the UK during the 1980s and many of these machines are still largely operating today since they are easy to service, repair and test.

The new company Electrafish Limited benefits from the experience of servicing and testing of operational electric fishing equipment since 1978 and so is able to now in the 21st Century offer the greatest experience in design and manufacture of all types of electric fishing equipment including boxes, generators, anodes and cathodes. This is demonstrated by our policy, unmatched by other companies, of offering a 3 year warranty on all new electric fishing machines, subject to conditions.